This site is about free information. We never give anything to anyone ever, but the information you provide can be used by any user to generate statistics that anyone can view. That's kinda the point. Fortunately, you can provide as much or as little information as you want. NOTHING is required.

  1. What information do we collect?

  2. To optimize performance, we check which browser you are using. That's it. We do not actively collect any other information at all.

  3. What information do you provide?

  4. You can provide no information at all if you wish. If you choose to fill out your profile to some degree, vote on polls, post content, and/or engage in other site activity, that is information you have provided.

    We DON'T WANT your name, photo, credit card information, home address, phone number, mother's maiden name, last four digits of your SSN, or any other traditionally identifying information.

  5. What do we do with this information?

  6. Nothing. That's right. We do nothing with your information. We do not give it to advertisers or any third party. We do not solicit you for anything. We use it only like any other user could. The real question is, "What do YOU do with this information?" The Represented allows any user to generate statistics based on the profiles and/or voting histories of other users. In other words, any user can count the total number of users who satisfy chosen profile and/or voting history criteria.

  7. Is your information private?

  8. Yes and no. Your profile and personal voting history are only viewable by you. In that sense, your information is private. However, the site is built to generate statistics based on your information. Insofar as a statistic includes you because you satisfy the chosen criteria, your information is public.

  9. What about your email address?

  10. Your email will be used for password recovery, to deliver important notifications (e.g. content removal, account termination), occasional news or data requests, or to send you things you ask for.

  11. Can you delete your account or delete information from your account?

  12. No. If you wish to delete your account, you will need to contact us and have us consider deleting it for you. We may choose not to since your site activity (e.g. your voting history) is likely included in already-generated statistics and to delete your account could ruin that information.

    You also cannot delete information from your account. You may edit your profile and change your vote on polls but the previous version of your profile and your voting history is saved and timestamped. That is how we enable the time filtering functions we provide.

  13. Are there privacy settings?

  14. No. The information you provide can be used by any user to generate statistics. You cannot opt out of a particular profile element or vote cast as being somehow associated with you for your own sake but not associated with you as far as others are concerned. If there is information you are uncomfortable providing, don't provide it.